Manage your Classroom like a Boss!

Imagine a classroom where everything is organised, students eagerly participate and are well behaved, every lesson unfolds seamlessly and the teacher's plans and records are impeccable and fully maintained. This classroom could be yours! Classroom management is not something that has to be daunting and time consuming. With a few crucial components in place, you … Continue reading Manage your Classroom like a Boss!


Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Learning

One of the greatest concerns teachers in Jamaica often face is lack of resources. It is a fact that many of the first world countries have materials and technology that are not readily available in most of our Jamaican schools but there are still plenty of ways for teachers to bring excitement to their classroom. … Continue reading Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Learning

How do I Motivate Reluctant Readers?

One September, I gave all the students in my Reading classes a simple survey to complete. They were to circle the emoji to indicate how they felt about reading - whether it was like, dislike or uncertain. More than ninety percent of students were either indifferent or simply did not like to read. I was … Continue reading How do I Motivate Reluctant Readers?

Teaching – A Work of Heart

What were your first thoughts when you set foot into the classroom for the very first time? Did you stop to think whether or not you'd make a good impression? Were you nervous or excited? Did you toss and turn all night wondering if you would get things right? How about now? Do you still … Continue reading Teaching – A Work of Heart

6 Rookie Moves Teachers Make

Teachers are awesome professionals. A teacher's role ranges from mentoring to management; from planning and coordinating to consultancy. A teacher has a repertoire of skills that can make them a master at anything but there are a few mistakes which could cause burn out and loss of credibility. I call them rookie moves since they … Continue reading 6 Rookie Moves Teachers Make

10 Activities to Create a Spark in your Class for 2019

January represents a fresh start. It is embraced as a new beginning. It is a time of remembrance of the passing year as well as great anticipation of the days, weeks and months ahead. Discussions about the New Year and preparation for its celebration start early December in countries around the world and permeates the … Continue reading 10 Activities to Create a Spark in your Class for 2019

Tackle the School Year with Confidence

The new school year has begun and you are probably already dreading the rigours of a demanding curriculum and school calendar.  There are so many issues to consider as you prepare to immerse yourself in the teaching/learning process and as the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. A teacher … Continue reading Tackle the School Year with Confidence

Class Connections Matter!

  Students have a greater chance of learning from teachers with whom they can connect. To develop meaningful connections with students, the teacher must get to know each learner, understand the dynamics of the class population, and be aware of students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as their interests and background experiences. It is also … Continue reading Class Connections Matter!

8 Things to do this Summer

The well anticipated summer days are here. For the next few weeks, many teachers have no lesson plans, no roll calls, no emergency drills, no school bells and perhaps no more alarms set. For some, the summer is spent lazing around the home while others are catching up on housework, spending time with relatives, volunteering … Continue reading 8 Things to do this Summer

The Secret to Being a Model Teacher

Some of my most memorable moments in high school surround a teacher. Pretty strange, isn't it? I remember her quite vividly - light brown complexion, almond eyes, wavy shoulder-length hair, radiant personality proportionately mixed with an aura of sternness. Mrs Clarke was a model teacher. She brought life to English Literature - a subject often … Continue reading The Secret to Being a Model Teacher